I Do

I do

Love you, in soul and in whole

In cotton pajamas and neon hospital gowns

In rubber slippers and barefoot

I do

Love you, under umbrellas – in the sun and in the rain

Under ceiling fans, sculpting memories in love

Under canopies of heaven and earth

I do

Love you, on bed sheets and picnic cloths

Dancing on floorboards and shower cubicles

Above the surf and underwater

I do

Love you, in doubt and clarity

In moments undefined by reason and in selfless charity

In plentiful harvests and residual pickings

I do

Forego everything I own

To everything I owe to one endearing soul

Like a runaway kite and the wind

Afloat in union – stringless and free

Gliding to nowhere down a gradient of fate

Until fatum ceases her master-plan

And time is eclipsed by age

Where we will still lie next to each other

Sleeping for an eternity

Holding each other close in the absence of heartbeats

In our journey from a bed of roses

To a bed of ashes


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