An arboreal existence

Where endless narration of lust co-exist

Yearnings of heculean timber

And soft longings of gangly tendrils

Bared of beauty, absented of petals of color 

When in the twilight of summer, grew a single bud of fate

Where velvety petals bloomed on a solitary stalk

Of a lonely tree orchid clasping a solitary bough

Beautifying the unclaimed heart

With a token of entitlement

A love that could drip to fill an ocean

And rise to conquer the heavens

A love that could ripple to every corner and tip

And thaw two glacial lips to moist amber

A love that could steady two open pupils 

And crumble every wall and divide

Where the gratuity of unconditional deed

Surrenders to an indefinite eternity

In the definition of giving each other one’s all

The trinity of heart, body and soul

Bearing a patient and all-consuming love

That will never wither, corrode or fade

To the sands of time