We dance

On a slanted ballroom 

Holding a creature ever so dear

Dancing round and round – in circles and squares

Stepping on familiar and unfamiliar floor tiles

Pirouetting and falting, sliding and tip-toeing

To the music of our heartbeats

Until one palpitation withers and fades

As one soul gazes far in to the lumen of time 

Into time-sketched designs of togetherness

And cherishes the choreography 

Of a most gracious fate


Author: meandererworld (Dilantha Gunawardana)

Dr Dilantha Gunawardana is a molecular biologist who graduated from the University of Melbourne. He moonlights as a poet. His poems have been accepted/published in Forage, American Journal of Poetry, Kitaab, Eastlit and Ravens Perch. He mixes science with poetry for a living, when what matters is the expression of both DNA and words into something serendipitous. Although an Australian citizen, Dilantha is domiciled in Sri Lanka, his country of birth.

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