A Glimpse Of Love (Celebrating 500 Poems in My Blog)

The dawn that shone in eye’s glitter

A far away dusk in ashes and litter

Entrance of the sun, concealed in fiber’s sheath

And perpetauates in radiance, inner-glow beneath

Rare jewel-like soul, one in a billion

A heart crafted in gold, weighing a bullion

A woman of soul, with moist delta lips

Singing in rapture, while teasing with her hips

Rainbows on water and fireflies on the inifinite sky

Love like the full moon as wings learn to fly

Fool in love as foolish can one be

Drooling lips, boorish and free

Uncultured kisses with tongue and bite

Lips dripping like a tap, lingering in delight

Love and her immunity, the disease and her print

No elixir to swallow, just four lips in brink

Under an umbrella primed by a woman’s feel

Stealing kisses immortalizing memories in reel

Two white swans and lake waters forever blue

As home was found lost to an eternity’s do


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