Do you see the color of blindness butterfly?

The colorless souls – the blackouts of consciences

Where darkness out-muscles color

What you do not possess or hold beneath your wings

You the creature with gossamer lattices

The fine drapery of nature, the fabric of unruffled beauty

Yet I don’t see you anymore

Did the feet of giants trample you my love

Or did the pesticides melt your wings

Are you hiding beneath blades of grass or walls of a cocoon

Searching for salvation in Daedalean artistry

Butterfly, we are creatures of the same god

Who were bestowed wings, now burrowing and hiding

Disfigured by humans, the self-proclaimed gods of this turquoise earth

Plagued in apathy – the disease of man

You and I, shall we dance like there’s no tomorrow?

And just maybe we can hold each other until the music fades

Our feet wilt and vertigo is everything we own

Butterfly, climb on my weary feet

And I will take you to heaven – if there is such a place

Sing aloud butterfly and I will take you to where the echoes take us

To the elysian fields of the kind-hearted

After all, I am the blind bat……..


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