Take me in moist lip-gloss

And burgundy lipstick

Fold me in a front pocket

And carry me as a memento

Down crossroads littered with hope


Take me like a strain of influenza

Exhale me to the lip cavity

Where dreams are made

In the saturation of taste and touch


Take me like a fool’s nourishment

And the soul’s food

What can be bitten and swept

Caressed and professed

In milestones and tombstones

Of anniversaries found in the trickle of time

And souls left, even left behind 


Take me in gratuity

And in slavery

In habit and habit breaking

In spontaneity and rarity

In bliss and counter-loss

In keepsake and forsake


I’m a creature loved and loathed

In revolutions of affection and betrayal

Embarked and disembarked

At jetties and airports

I am the whitewater of passion

And the glue of romance

I am the sweetness of unreason

And bitterness of transience


I am just a meadow of receptors

In the call of duty

Who can never devalue the captial of love

Or inflate the currency of hate