I don’t miss the absence of a heartbeat
But I do feel lonely in the absence of a soul
I’m estranged to two strangers comforting each other in body
Of two destinies that blitz like two stones
At the hands of Neanderthals
Firing some twigs for one lowly night
What will only disappear to the cold December dawn
I could never anchor my boat
To a bohemian port, as I search for the bearings
Of my only home, a creature like no other
Unbound by chains of modernity
Of conforming to the viral lifestyles
Of nomads of the third base
She, the creature who will light my retina
Swamp me with the moons of her irises
As I linger on like a firefly in the dark
Searching for one speckle of light
What will complete me, in the holy trinity
Of soul, body and mind
I don’t preach the gospel of my virginity
For I will only hear the cacophony of laughter
Nor do I muster courage to extinguish my vestal fires
For there is no worth in ephermeralities
Of a stranger or an unpledged lover……
What will pass at the blink of a moon
And the memories that will fade like smoke from a joss stick
Where incense burns in blazing fires of passion
Only to leave behind a legacy of darkness
I don’t evolve from roots of tradition
Yet I am no mule of Christianity
I’m only a lighthouse that lingers on
Amidst the tempests of the heart
The fear of not finding love
Stranded like a castaway on an isle of lost dreams
Where loneliness speaks a tongue of its own
And solitude labors on in silence

We live in a world
Of devalued kisses and carnal riches
Of extinct chivalry and extant predation
We live for the thrill of intemperance
Where we don’t gaze through the keyhole of a soul
At the inner-beauty of man or woman
We just gaze through the portholes of lust
Searching for a floor mat to nail a door mat
Where there are no casualties of body
Only hearts in anarchy
As I go on like a primeval relic
That fossilized in time, to life passing him by
Yet beneath the façade of a bitter loser
Is a man searching for the miracle of love
In a soul’s asylum
An old rugged boat nearing her estuary of youth
In the lonely cold waters
Of brokenness
Searching for the essence of eternity
In the green mile of bedlam