I look around

At the suitors that surround me

A closed bud teasing in the foreplay of beauty

A lonely rainbow arching like a static skipping rope

Held in tension between earth and heaven

Gifting man with a prelude to the monsoons

Where drops of perfume pour out from clouds

To leave behind the fragrance of petrichor

A landscape where each horizon

Symbolizes a snapshot of creation

As man closes his hedonic eyes

To quell every figment of imagination

And gaze beneath his soul’s cover

To see what pollutes the essence of being

Man’s inner wealth, a bullion of greed

Her tenacity and perseverance

What no overhaul of beauty can ever evanesce

Nor opulence can ever mitigate

As one man who has everything, looks at a lonely bud

And wonders how wise it is

Never to open one’s eyes………


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