A candle
That lit a lone study desk
As sequences of words
Softly crept through a pupil
And lit a lonely thread of a nascent dream
A dream to escape one’s birth rite
To be that man who lights up a bulb
On a two-roomed castle sculpted of bricks
A candle
That was lit outside of a church alter
On a table coated of alabaster wax
Where blessings of a benevolent god
Were invoked by a slum-dog pauper
Searching for the clemency of fate
And the treasure of love
A candle
That radiated from the perch of an alter
In a rundown church in Mannar island
Where man and woman
Gently held each other’s palms
And gazed at each other’s eyes
Embarking on a journey that was blessed
By the pledge of everlast of the infinity flame
A candle
That blazed one mythical night
In a crumbling shack on the edge of the ocean
Where man and woman lit each other’s bodies
In the virtues of a marriage bed
Where sweat and tears coalesced
At the dawn of bliss
As man and woman symbiosed in love
To carve an inlet of memories
A candle
That opened a doorway of life
As a miracle of love
Witnessed her first ray of light
Her journey that was spawned in paltry candle light
And will linger till the final evanescence of light
A brown pearl from the depths of our love
What will hold us ever so close
And drift with us down the stream of fate
A candle that held me
At every milestone
And perpetuated my heartbeat
Even down the darkest alleyways with no signposts
What lit my boyish dreams
In my metamorphosis to a breadwinner
One who could never escape the inheritance of shade
Nor find the glitter of affluence
Yet who was blessed with a loyal candle
That stood beside in thin and thick
To the ebb of war and the flow of peace
A candle that will linger with me
Until all that is left is perennial darkness
With closed lids and fixed lashes
Where light is but an alien state
And all that I possess will fade like burning naphthalene
To leave behind a legacy
Of a man that burnt the wax
Of a lifelong dream